How to master a language when you don’t have time?


I’ve recently come across a very interesting article. It presents 14 ways in which you can combine ordinary daily activities with learning a language. I’ve been trying to apply some of the pieces of advice it gives and you know what? It works! I’m too distracted to follow all the tips, but most of them are definitely doable, even for those of you who live a very hectic life.

You can find the article here.

Top 25 German verbs


I’ve decided that it’s about time I brushed up my German. I’m going to take small steps and hope this will lead me to speaking a decent B1 German within half a year.

I really like the idea of studying the most frequently used words in a given language, so I’m going to start off with this list of 25 most frequently used German verbs:

Wish me luck!

Procrastination and how to do away with it

Time Lost

This is a very nice article about dealing with procrastination: link.

Living in the 21st century blesses us with smartphones, advances in medicine, cheap means of travelling long distances, and thousands more, but it also has its ugly sides. Being surrounded by modern technologies, our focus shifts between different activities basically every other minute. That is why it is so important to develop strategies of maintaining attention that work for us.

This article has helped me a lot. I hope it will work for you, as well.

Learning vocabulary from songs

One of my favourite ways of learning new vocabulary is creating sets of flashcards based on song lyrics. There is a very convenient and time-efficient way of doing this:
1. Copy the lyrics of the song of your choice
2. Open this website and select ‘create from text’
3. Paste the lyrics and click ‘create flashcards’. Voila! You’ve just created a set of about 30 flashcards in 15 seconds!

I’ve been using this tool a lot since I first discovered it. I think learning from your favourite musicians is very effective, as well as pleasant.

Here are some sets that I often use:

Have you ever tried learning vocabulary from song lyrics? Please, share your experience in the comment section!

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